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Leaded glass is an art form that began in the middle ages. The great cathedrals used elaborate, pure bold stained glass windows to illustrate stories from the bible and to depict the different occupations and scenes from everyday life. The methods of creating a stained glass window today are very similar to those used in the 12th century. Mosques and other Islamic buildings incorporate colorful geometric patterns. These striking lites are composed of very thick glass set in a cement/plaster matrix. They closely resemble contemorary slab glass.

Hand made or mouth blown glass has special qualities that cannot be found in machine made glass. The many irregularities, bubbles and striations catch the changing light and bring the glass to life. Actually stained glass is not stained. Various metal compounds such as iron, copper and chromium are added to the molten glass to produce the desired color. These jewel like colors never fade nor lose their vibrancy.

The glass that is used in the leaded glass installations is available in a wide color range. It is mouth blown glass that has been opened into sheets and has an irregular texture of tiny bubbles and striations that catch the light. The glass is imported from France, Germany and Poland.

Slab glass is 1 inch thick and set in an epoxy resin matrix. The resulting panels are extremely durable and ideally suited for public spaces. Very bold compositions are possible. Slab glass panels can be components in a curtain wall, inserts in a brick or concrete wall or elements in a freestanding sculpture. Slab glass is made in West Virgina in an extensive color range.

Modern glass works very well as an integral part of contemporary architecture. It introduces intense color and excitement to an interior space during the day and to the exterior at night.

Judith Wadia's glass and mosaic studio has the experience and expertise to design original and distinctive works of art that become an integral part of the architecture, landscape design and interior design. Projects are completed on time and on budget.