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Mosaic is one of the oldest and most durable art forms. Floors and walls that were created 1000 to 2000 years ago are still as bright and beautiful as when they were new. It is now possible to see mosaics at Roman sites, in ancient religious buildings and in many museums. Today mosaic is enjoying a renaissance and contemporary works are widely used in public art projects and are an integral component in many new buildings.

Mosaics are completely weather resistant, color fast, graffiti proof and when set in concrete are practically indestructible. The individual pieces ( called tesserae or smalti ), are either natural stone or solid opaque glass. The smalti, which is imported from Italy, are available in hundreds of both strong and subtle colors.

Mosaics are assembled in sections off site on appropriate backing and then brought to the site for installation. Some possible interior and exterior applications include murals, floors, pavers, stair risers, columns, fountains, friezes, borders and furniture inserts.

Judith Wadia's glass and mosaic studio has the experience and expertise to design original and distinctive works of art that become an integral part of the architecture, landscape design and interior design. Projects are completed on time and on budget.